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Spicy buffalo wings are the conventional way to serve chicken wings, but there are other fantastic ways of doing chicken wings, such as garlic parmesan-crusted chicken wings or glazed BBQ wings. Everyone has their taste in foods. So, they would choose the perfect one based on their preference. However, some people start to stop eating junk foods. They tend to eat more healthy food that could help them enhance their bodies. It becomes essential regarding this pandemic situation. Therefore, you can eat without worrying too much.

garlic parmesan-crusted chicken wings

Healthier Ingredients

Chicken wings are not so healthy, but there are several methods to improve their nutritional value. For this issue, you can try to find a local market where overworked cows are sold. This tasty, clean meat is raised on the egg plate, without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or other synthetic additives. Cultivating garlic is not difficult. Everyone should plant an herb garden today. The new swollen garlic cannot be beaten. Using a good jar of dried garlic powder is essential for this particular recipe. For this chicken, you can add your own freshly grated parmesan. It will become tastier.

Ironically, some people now make their bread crumbs. It’s a small amount of work for me. Baking bread, waiting for it to be a few days old and dry may be worth it for purists, but I love Progress bread crumbs. They come in different flavors, have a perfect texture, and do not require any waiting. Besides buying new chickens from a local farmer, you should consider using homemade butter from a certified organic cow. The difference in taste is excellent. Margarine is not enough for this particular recipe. Therefore, you need to buy butter that helps you give a better flavor to these chicken wings.

Chicken Wings Preparation

The first step is you can put the dry elements with 1/4c of melted butter. Spread the butter on each chicken, including the side dish. Put the buttered chicken on the dry skin, a few pieces at a time, close the lid and shake it to cover the wings with the garlic and parmesan mixture. Sprinkle the rest of the portion as well as the chicken. Cook the chicken at 375 degrees F. for about 30 minutes, depending on the chicken’s thickness and the type of chicken pieces.

Raw Vegetables

The garlic and parmesan tails are served with a plate of raw vegetables. Look for natural vegetables if you are looking for organic meat and cheese. The best raw vegetables for a dish could be broccoli, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, radishes, or cauliflower florets. You can use the vegetables you want and place them on a fancy plate with a hole in the center for the sink. Therefore, you can enjoy the chicken wings peacefully.