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When you hear of walking, what comes into your mind? Do you imagine people walking because they do not have a walk to do? Apparently, many people do not know that there are many benefits that are associated with walking. If you know that you have issues with your weight or even your heart, then you need to give walking a try. Get in touch with activities around your place and get a chance to participate. After the end of the walking activity, you will be amazed at the benefits that you will experience.

Scientific support

Walking has been proven by scientist to be very effective to fight issues that are related to heart problems. The American Heart Association have gone ahead to prove to the world that walking is something that should never be taken lightly as far as heart matters are concerned. This is why they have written a book by the name. The Health Heart Walking Book. The book encourages walking with intentions of fighting chronic diseases. Scientists argue that walking increases the blood flow to the heart meaning the heart start working better due to the enough supply of blood.

Other benefits

Loss weight

If you are among those people yearning to shake off the excess weight and attain that figure that you have been admiring, then you need to try walking. One important thing that you need to understand is that working can be better than the intensity workouts that you have been doing for long. It has been proved if develop a habit of walking once every week, you will lessen the chances of any cardiac problems.

Increased immune system

Another benefit of walking is that it will help you to stay away from the doctor. When you walk, there is an increased level of oxygen in your body due to the increased blood flow. This is important as it leads to the production of white blood cells that are responsible for fighting disease causing micro-organism that enters your body. If you know that you have a problem with your immunity system, walking on weekly basis can of great help.

Stress reliever

Engaging in walking activities can be a way to relieving stress. When you get out to walk, you get a chance to interact with many people, and in the process, your mind wanders away from stress. You need to understand that stress can be very destructive to your health and once you note that it is getting out of hand, the best thing to is to do is to seek assistance from experts.

Health and fitness

Ofertas de empleo

Hermanas Hospitalarias de Cáceres, plaza de psicólogo/a para su Centro de Rehabilitación Psicosocial, a jornada completa, se valorará PIR o Master en Modificación de Conducta y experiencia en CRPS o Centros de día, informática y tener residencia en Cáceres.
Los interesados pueden llamar a los números: 915040252 o 927232106.

Se precisan psicologos/as clínicos, con experiencia en
gerontología para la impartición de cursos de formación sobre el trato a
mayores en residencias de la tercera edad.

Se precisa experiencia previa de un año como formador y como
profesionales en áreas psicológicas en residencias de la tercera edad.

El título del curso a impartir es LOS SERVICIOS

Dicho curso se imparte en la localidad de MIAJADAS, enCáceres, desde el 18 de
Mayo hasta el 30 del mismo, con un horario de 16:00 a 18:30.

La empresa que imparte el curso es TRAINING PLANS MANEGENENT. (Madrid)

Les rogamos indiquen a los interesados que nos remitan el
curriculum a la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico:
[email protected], haciendo referencia en el asunto del correo a
la oferta descrita.

HealthworldSpain, agencia de comunicación en el sector farmacéutico, solicita:

Psicólogo clínico, preferiblemente con experiencia en el entorno sanitario

Para impartir 8 charlas, de una hora de duración cada una, sobre los aspectos psicológicos de la incontinencia urinaria, en 4 centros de salud andaluces (Sevilla, Cádiz, Málaga–mayo) y 4 extremeños (Badajoz, Don Benito–octubre). Cursos patrocinados por la línea de absorbentes Tena para incontinencia urinaria, y destinados a médicos de atención primaria. Se facilitará la presentación de PowerPoint con el contenido total de la charla.


Another event that you should look into is the heart walk atlanta, which is aiming to educate the world especially when it comes to cardiovascular diseases.

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Good communication facilitates the sharing of opinions, information, and feeling between different people. This is done through body languages, writing or through speaking. Effective communication is required in ensuring that information is delivered and received successfully and clearly. Effective communication between the healthcare professionals and the patients is required in any healthcare setting. Such communication is helpful in improving the patient’s satisfaction as well as providing great patient care.

This communication encompasses collecting information from the patients by the healthcare professionals to facilitate therapeutic instructions, appropriate counselling, accurate diagnosis and establishing caring relationships with the patients. The ability to communicate effectively should not be overlooked as this can lead to complaints and dissatisfaction from the patients. Ineffectiveness in communication can also lead to improper medical treatment or improper diagnosis.

Here are some of the effective communication tips that should be adhered to in any health care facility

Use of a clear and a simple language

All the medical professionals are advised to use a simple language when talking to their patients at all ties. This will help the patients understand and become more comfortable. The use complex medical language should be avoided at all times as this could lessen the confidence level of the patients.

Learning to listen

Good listening and talking skills are a requirement in any communication. The health care professional should listen to his patient carefully without having to rush to another topic. Proper listening will allow you to understand what the patient is talking about.


Empathy entails seeing things from a different point of view. You should avoid being biased or judgemental when you are communicating with your patients. Instead, you are supposed to view the situations critically and react accordingly. This would help you in giving more attention your patient as well as knowing the emotional factors affecting them without being biased or judgemental. Patients will always be ready o express their concerns and fears if you are non-judgemental to them.

Communicating with colleagues

Proper communication with your colleagues is very crucial especially when you are taking over or handing over the patient. Any form of miscommunication can lead to failed treatments due to improper diagnosis. Proper communication guidelines should be applied when you are communicating with the other medical professionals as well as your colleagues.

Establishing a dialogue

A good dialogue should be established between the patients and the health care professionals. Such a dialogue will help you in determining if the patient has agreed to the diagnosis and treatment plan offered.


There have been rising cases of obesity over the past few decades. It is estimated that about 65 million Americans majority of them being adult are now obese. The number of children affected by obesity is also rising. This has mainly been attributed to the changes in lifestyles. Fast foods, beverages, soft drinks and other processed foods have gained a lot of popularity in the modern days.

These foods have contributed greatly to the rising rates of obesity. Obesity is associated with other health risks such as varicose veins, high cholesterol, deep vein thrombosis, hypertension, vascular diseases. It is also related to fatty liver diseases and hurt burn, low back pain, dementia, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, pancreatitis, type 2 diabetes, asthma, fungal skin infections, infertility, pregnancy abnormalities and fungal skin infections.
These are some of the effective ways that should be adopted to fight the rising levels of obesity

Controlling your appetite

Food, oxygen, and water are the basic things needed by the body to make it alive. Imagine how the body would function if it is deprived of food. All the mechanisms would come to a standstill and death would eventually occur. Human beings eat when they have a need for food. They eat until they feel that they are full. Individuals having normal weight experience healthy food cravings. Such people will feel hungry only at the appropriate times.


Additionally, they fell satisfied upon eating modest sizes of food portions. On the other hand, obese and overweight individuals experience difficult in controlling their appetite. They have an increased appetite which is accompanied by excessive food cravings. You should get rid of unhealthy appetite. This will help you in restoring your healthy state and put your weight under control.

Stabilizing the blood sugar level

Some of the common signs and symptoms associated with changes in blood sugar are anxiety, elevated blood sugar, difficult in losing weight, feeling hungry and sleepy especially in the afternoons, and feeling a bit disconnected and spacey. Instability in the blood sugar is known for leading to frequent food cravings and increased appetite. This is common with people having the overweight problem. A healthy body has a natural mechanism of regulating the blood sugar level. The following steps are helpful in stabilizing the blood sugar

  • Regular exercises
  • Choosing foods which have a low impact on the blood sugar

Transforming your habits

You should adopt the following healthy habits to maintain a healthy weight

  • Plan what to eat- consume healthy foods
  • Taking your time when taking meals- practice eating slowing